Pumpkin gnocchi

Delicious gluten free pumpkin gnocchi

The other day I found myself with way too many pumpkins (don't ask) and I gave myself the challenge to make as many recipes from those pumpkins as I possibly could. I only buy Kent or Jap pumpkins as ... Read More


Nanna makes gluten free piccalilli

I have to confess I have a thing for condiments, even when my fridge is empty the door is full of mustards, chutneys, pickles etc etc. This wonderful obsession means that whenever I have a glut of ... Read More

Sweet potato with pesto dressing

In full praise of pesto

Last weekend my man and I went to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, it is an event I look forward to, a laid back music event in the  country. Anyway, on the way to Tamworth we stopped off at Kegs ... Read More