Balancing the Busy schedule announced

It has been a pretty big month of organising for me as I pull everything together for my Women's Health conference in Bangalow on October 10, 2015. I am really excited to announce the line up of ... Read More

best cauliflower salad ever

Best cauliflower salad ever

I make this dish when I cook on yoga retreats and it is one of my most requested recipes. The tahini sauce is taken from my favourite ever cookbook Jerusalem by Yottam Ottelenghi and Sammi ... Read More

carrot cake

Gluten free carrot cake

I have been craving carrot cake for over a week now, so yesterday we had a lunch to go so I bit the bullet and make a gluten free carrot cake to take along. It was really tasty so I thought I would ... Read More

mums soup

My mums chicken soup

My mum is always telling me she isn't a very good cook but the funny thing is after all these years it is her food that still feels the most nourishing to me. Perhaps that is just some incredible ... Read More

black lentil fish curry

Delicious lentil and spearfish curry

I have been trying to come up with new ways to eat less rice, not because rice is horribly bad for me but because I just like to give myself little challenges now and then and my most recent challenge ... Read More